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What Makes People Happy

Where to Find Happiness
Many surveys and much research has been done. A social experiment done by in 2014 by Sandie McHugh and Professor Jerome Carson uncovered these results about what makes people happy from the response of 226 people in a survey.

  • 40% believed that luck was important for being happy
  • 63% of people said they were happier when they were away from home.
  • 77% of people think that material possessions and wealth are not linked to being happy


A study of 450,000 Americans found that people had an increase of happiness in day to day life as their income increased up to $75,000.  With incomes higher than 75,000 experienced there was no increase of happiness in day to day life.  (Kahneman & Deaton, 2010).

According to research about social connection and good deeds (Aknin, Dunn, Sandstrom, Norton 2013) people were much more happier about giving to a person or cause with which they are connected to or passionate about compared to just giving for the sake of giving.
Getting things is something that most people think will make them happy.  Studies show that (Texas Tech University 2008) being able to get what you want is not a bad thing.  However, if you don’t appreciate or want what you have then it does no good for your level of happiness.  In other words, if you get things because you think it will make you happy you are working against yourself and wasting money in the process.

Younger people tend to be less happier than people older than 65.  People in the 40’s are the much less happy than others between 19 and 65.
At least half of the amount of happiness with which you live is hereditary according to David Lykken.  Another 40 percent is determined by your way of interpreting life and 10% is due to the environment in which you live.  This leaves a great amount of control up to the individual about whether to be happy or not. 

Exercise releases endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin.  They all make us feel good.  Exercise also increases the number of antibodies and T-cells.  They go out and fight antigens which boosts our immune system.  Exercising also reduces cortisol in the bloodstream which also helps us to be healthy.  A healthy body produces a healthy mind.  Both of them makes us happier.  The money that it will save you will also make you happier.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, (Huntr, Jennifer 2013)we have more than 60,000 thoughts per day.  More than 95% of those thoughts occur each day.  More than 80% of our thoughts on average are negative everyday by default.  It’s how we are wired. 

It seems to me that at the end of the day happiness is a choice.  If we decide to work on ourselves then we can become the type of person who's default state is to be happy.  Everything else is temporary.  All I know is it has worked for me.  I hope you will give it a chance to work for you.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chad Ochocinco invites grieving widow to his July 4 wedding | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Could you see yourself doing what Chad has done?  a  stranger who is a Widow for 2 weeks asks for a prayer from him.  What he offers in addition is to fly her to his wedding to help her grieve.  A heart of compassion spreads happiness.  At same time time imagine how happy that lady is that Chad is marrying to have a guy like that.  So for many reasons and in many ways the happiness that he spreading to others will end up back from where it spread.

Chad Ochocinco invites grieving widow to his July 4 wedding | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports Interesting story. These don't make mainstream much. The drama, pain, suffering does. You must be aware of that. Seeing all the drama and negativity will work against your desire to be happy. Limit your exposure to the regular news and when you see stories like these of people helping people, caring, loving or doing acts of random kindness, share them and spread that positive energy. The more each of us share and promote this type of happy news, the more often we will see and experience happiness in our lives. If you have enjoyed this blog, you will love my website